Seven people have held the title of president of Home Bank & Trust Co. The current president is R.D. “Dick” Rucker, who has served as President since 1979.

August 8, 1904:

Home Bank & Trust Co. first opened its doors at 310 N. Main, Eureka, Kansas.


Home Bank & Trust Co. relocated to its present location at 217 N. Main, Eureka, Kansas.


Home Bank & Trust Co. purchased Severy State Bank in Severy, Kansas. This has given Home Bank & Trust Co. the ability to better serve southern Greenwood and northern Elk Counties, which have always been a vital part of the Bank’s success.


Home Bank & Trust Co. built its Clearwater bank location to broaden service to Sedgwick County.


Home Bank & Trust Co. expanded its commitment to Sedgwick County by opening a bank at Central and Maize in West Wichita.


Home Bank & Trust Co., opened a location at 13th and Greenwich in East Wichita.


New construction completed on Home Bank and Trust Co. Severy location. The former building was built in the late 1800’s and became home to Home Bank and Trust Co. in 1989 when they acquired Severy State Bank.