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Doing the right thing starts at Home

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right.”
-- W. Clement Stone

Since 1904, we’ve held true to our belief that doing the right thing makes all the difference. And while our business is to help people make the most of their money, our passion is to enrich people’s lives, so they can enrich the lives of others.

For us, doing the right thing is not about dollars and cents. It’s about helping our community thrive. From supporting organizations that make a difference in our community, to empowering individuals financially, we are a catalyst for good. And we delight in helping youth find the courage to always do the right thing.

A true hero is not someone who thinks about doing what is right, but one that simply does what is right without thinking. For us, doing the right thing starts at Home.

Featured Stories

Crystal Hibler
Crystal Hibler at our East Branch can’t stand idle when she hears of someone in need. Through her friend Misti Stephen, she learned about a single mom and her children who didn’t have a home. Together they decided they wanted to help. So they started rounding up as many donations and helping hands as possible to surprise the woman with a furnished house. They found a car dealer to donate a car, provided a prepaid cell phone and stocked the home with food. And Misti found employment for the woman at a business she owns. Crystal’s teenage son and 10-year-old daughter pitched in, too. “The experience was life-changing for this woman,” said Crystal, “and it meant the world to me to be able to do that for her and teach my kids such a valuable lesson! She touched our lives as much as we touched hers.”

Tiffany Hanson
Through involvement in church and community activities, Tiffany Hanson at our Eureka branch has noticed that the little things make all the difference. “When you’re trying to accomplish something together, it’s important to make people feel special,” she said. “I try to always acknowledge people by remembering their names and the conversations I’ve had with them. It always brings a smile.”

Lindsey Rogers
When you’re a single mom working on a degree, life is busy. “It’s love for my kids that keeps me motivated to keep moving forward, both at school and at work,” said Lindsey Rogers at our West Wichita Branch. “Anything we can do to grow that love in families makes a big difference for everyone.”

Brad Rucker
Work and family bring Brad the most joy, but adding a goal—a half marathon—was an important piece in his “live right” philosophy. “I realized a few years ago that I just wasn’t in good enough shape to really enjoy life,” he said. So in 2013, he set the goal of running a half marathon. In the process he lost 30 pounds and found more energy to put into helping the community. “It’s a very tangible example of how setting a goal and being accountable pays off in a really fulfilling way.”

Jeff Rathbun
At Home Bank, our banking philosophy is the same as our personal philosophy: doing the right thing is what truly matters. So we’re thrilled to announce that Jeff Rathbun has joined our West Wichita team. His passion for the community and personal integrity is exactly what helps make our customers successful in managing the financial aspect of both their business and personal lives.  If you need a loan—residential, construction, commercial or personal—Jeff’s your guy. Stop by to see him at our West Wichita location (Central and Maize), or call him.